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I became interested in Duran Duran in about 1982 and have followed them ever since. I love the catchy songs, exotic videos and the band members themselves. I’ve always found Duran Duran have been able to keep up and still put out great music. Their concerts are always fun

From Fan to Family

a Duran Duran Fan Fiction story by Ryan N.

From Fan to Family

I never thought much about my dad. My mom never spoke about him, and I assumed he was just a fleeting figure from her past. But when I turned 18, everything changed.

It started with a letter. A mysterious envelope with no return address. Inside, a ticket to a Duran Duran concert and a note that simply read, “Meet me there. -Dad.” I was puzzled. Why would my dad, who I never knew want to meet me at a Duran Duran concert? Little did I know, this concert would change my life forever.

I had always been a big fan of the band. In fact, a lot of people have told me that I look like the keyboard player, Nick Rhodes. Honestly, I’m not surprised. My blonde hair is styled in a similar way. And I am not afraid of a little eyeliner from time to time. Nick is a style icon so I’ve always welcomed the comparison. But, my thoughts drifted to my father. Maybe he worked at the arena? Or maybe he’s a member of Duran Duran’s road crew? I was excited to find out. I loved music and always felt an indescribable connection, as though the stage was where I belonged. My mom often recounted how, even at four years old, I could play any song on the piano after hearing it just a few times. I couldn’t help but wonder if my dad, who was also a fan of the band, might be somewhere in the audience, sharing this moment with me.

At the show, the energy in the air was electric. The crowd erupted into cheers as the band launched into their set, and I was swept up in the excitement from my front row seat. The music filled the arena, and I felt a deep connection to the songs that had been the soundtrack of my life. Watching Nick Rhodes work his magic on the keyboards was especially exciting as I had attempted to copy his talent my whole life.

After an extraordinary performance, the band graciously approached the edge of the stage to wave to the audience. Simon spit water into the crowd, much to the delight of the fans, and Roger tossed his drumsticks to a lucky girl in the front row. Nick stepped forward to take his customary photo of the crowd but this time, he kneeled directly in front of me. With a gentle smile, he greeted me, saying, “Hi Nathan, this one’s for you.” He then presented me with a backstage pass, playfully tousled my hair, and winked before bidding farewell to the audience and vanishing backstage.

Heart racing, I made my way backstage, nervously wondering what awaited me. Now I knew for sure that my dad must be on the road crew – maybe even Nick’s keyboard technician! Suddenly, a woman named Katie grabbed by arm and said “Nathan Bates, right?” I knodded before I could explain that my last name was Ostrom, not Bates. It didn’t matter. Katie was frazzled and hurried me along the crowded hallway. She explained that she was a friend of my mother’s and asked how she was. “She’s great,” I said. “Do you know my dad too?” I asked. Katie paused for a moment, considering how to respond. “You could say that,” she laughed.

Katie led me to a waiting limo and told me to hold tight. As I sat there, the events of the evening swirled in my mind. The confusion about my last name and the mystery of my father’s identity weighed heavily on me. And why didn’t mom ever tell me she was friends with someone associated with Duran Duran? Suddenly, the door opened, and I looked up to see none other than Nick Rhodes himself sliding into the seat beside me, a smile on his face. My heart skipped a beat as I realized that the man I admired from afar my entire life was sitting right next to me.

I also noticed that we had the same eyes.

“Hi, Nathan,” Nick began, his voice gentle. “I know this must be a lot to take in so I’m just going to say it… I’m your father.” My heart pounded in my chest as I tried to process his words. Nick explained that my mother, whom he had known years ago, didn’t want anyone to know about our connection until I turned 18. Then he said something that came as a huge shock. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Nathan, I’d love for you to come live with me in England. I want to make up for lost time and get to know you. How would you feel about joining us on tour?” The idea of living in England and touring with Duran Duran was beyond anything I had ever imagined. Nick mentioned the possibility of me joining the band as an instrumentalist, an offer that left me speechless. The thought of sharing the stage with my dad and his bandmates, playing the music that had been the soundtrack of my life, filled me with excitement and a sense of belonging I had never felt before.

I realized at that moment that music was always in my blood. I had always felt drawn to it, and now I knew why.

———-Duran Duran Music & More———-

Later that night, I called my mom. She was mostly silent on the other end of the line but said, “Nick and I had a deep connection that lasted for about five years,” she confessed. “I broke up with him when I found out I was pregnant, and I never told him until a few years ago.” Her tears flowed freely as she explained her fears of raising a child with a rock star and her belief that Nick would reject her. “I’m sorry, Nathan,” she sobbed. The weight of her words hung in the air, and as I listened, I felt a mix of sadness, understanding, and a deepening appreciation for the complexities of life.

In the days that followed, Nick and I spent time together, getting to know each other. He encouraged my musical talents, even letting me play his keyboards during soundcheck. And as we bonded, any resentment that I harbored began to lift.

Meeting Nick Rhodes had changed my life in ways I never could have imagined. I had found my father, my family, and my passion, all in one incredible journey. And as I stood backstage at another Duran Duran concert, playing music with my dad by my side, I knew that life would never be the same.

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