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Simon Le Bon on Alan Carr’s Life’s A Beach Podcast

During his chat with Alan Carr on the “Life’s A Beach” podcast, Simon Le Bon tackled a range of questions, from the quirky to the personal. (For instance, “Where is your favorite spot to get sexy?” Simon’s answers are as cheeky as you’d expect with some revelations that might surprise even long-time Duranies.

Listen to the podcast here.

Hot Takes From the Podcast Transcripts

Most melodramatic line he’s ever written: “I pray to consequence for a better man to be in my head. – Oh woah is me!”

About the Anniversary Video: “The giant penis. It was genius!”

About the Simon Le Bon look-alike: “As soon as he started singing, he kinda transformed.”


Where do you love to go? “The sea. I love cruising on a sailing boat. This will sound disgusting but being sucked along by the wind.”

About Drum and the Capsizing: “Get yourself upside down and get your pants off.”

Is there anywhere in the world that hasn’t taken to Duran Duran? “We’ve struggled in France and my name’s Le Bon. It’s French you know. They’ve very much got their own kind of music.”

Before he married Yasmin: “I’ve been going to the Sunset Marquis for nearly 40 years. When I first went there, it was not quite so high rent…you used to be able to order ‘substances’ on room service, if you knew the right people to ask. And we did. We partied. We lived the ’80s…and then one more time around. Things changed when I got married.”

On his manners: “I’m a very nice boy from Pinner. My mother raised me well.”

The most decadent hotel: “The Bulgaria Hotel in Australia was extraordinary. I love Australia. I love Australian people.”

Skiing? I’m not very good at skiing but I’m good at a hot bath.

Do you complain? “I do complain when it’s going to get me results.”

When traveling. “I take two matching suitcases, and I need four luggage racks to put them on. I can’t stand these rooms that are beautifully done, but there isn’t enough room to open your suitcases.”

Holidays as a kid: “mostly down at the pool. My grandmother had a house. And of course Sand Banks was our beach. The Midway Path, we’d get up at 6am and drive our little yellow Mini so we could park next to that path.”

Where do you go for sexy time? Clifton, but there’s a lot of backpackers in there. It’s National Trust. It used to be very posh. We did this show recently called Global Citizen in the Sky Lounge. We had day rooms at the Park Hyatt right by the Tower of London. THAT is a sexy hotel. I didn’t have sex there because I didn’t have anyone to have sex with.”

Where do you want to be when you’re 100 years old? “Portifono Italy but I’d like to get rid of all the tourists. I’d never been to Portifono. We couldn’t go in the 80s because we were too big there. I’d like to be by the water.”


Is there a place you don’t like? “I’ve been to St Martin in the Caribbean. On the American side, they’ve built all these Vegas-style hotels. You can’t get away from the smell of food frying.”

Will you ever go on a boat again? “Yes, i have it planned now. I go racing every summer. I go down to the South of France in October. It’s a classic boat race.”

Mojitos? “I don’t like Mojitos they are too sweet.”

Nudist? “A little bit.”

Full english or full moon party? “Full moon”

Tip them or fuck them? “I like tipping. I’m a tipper. Yaz is half Iranian. They’re very generous. They always invite you. They always tip well. I’ve learned from that. I like to do those embarrassingly large tips.”

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